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Andhra Pradesh VAT Forms

VAT 100Application for Vat Registration
VAT 100ADeatils of Additional Places of Business
VAT 100BParticulars of Partners
VAT 103Notification for rejection of VAT Registration
VAT 104Application for VAT registration as Start up business prior to making taxable sales.
VAT 105VAT Registration Certificate
VAT 106Response to the application for VAT registration as Startup Business
VAT 111Suomoto VAT Registartion
VAT 112Application notifying changes in Registration
VAT 115Claim for credit of sales tax paid on goods in stock at the commencement of VAT Act 2005
VAT 116Notification of sales tax credit
VAT 118Claim for credit on VAT paid on goods on hand at the time of VAT registration
VAT 119Notification of VAT credit
VAT 121Application to cancel VAT registration
VAT 123Refusal to cancel VAT registration.
VAT 124Notification of cancellation of VAT registration
VAT 125Notice of compulsory cancellation of VAT registration.
VAT 129Form of Authorization given by the dealer residing out side the state but carring on business in the state of AP Return by a Causal Trader.
VAT 200Claim for VAT refund
VAT 200AAnnexure to VAT return for
VAT 200BAnnexure to monthly VAT return for the month of March for the 12 month period for adjustment of ITC
VAT 200CFinal Return to be submitted on cancellation of VAT registration.
VAT 200DDeclaration by a dealer showing breakup of sales and ITC
VAT 202Demand for Unpaid Tax
VAT 204Unilateral Assessment for failure to file a return
VAT 213Application for under/ over declaration of Value Added Tax
VAT 225Annexure to monthly VAT return.
VAT 250Application for opting composition of tax payable by the dealer
VAT 250AApplication for withdrawal from opting for composition of tax payable by the dealer.
VAT 305Order of Assessment
VAT 305ANotice of VAT assessment
VAT 307Notice for under declaration of Value Added Tax.
VAT 308Notice of over declaration of Value Added Tax
VAT 351Notice for claim of refund by VAT dealer
VAT 352Confirmation of the claim for refund.
VAT 360Application of claim for refund of tax paid on sales or purchase of goods specified in section 4(2)
TOT 001Application for TOT Registration
TOT 003TOT Registration Certificate
TOT 005 Suomoto TOT Registartion
TOT 007 Retruns TOT
TOT 010Unilateral Assessment for failure to file a return
TOT 012Demand for Unpaid Tax
TOT 013Notice of compulsory cancellation of TOT registration.
TOT 014Application to cancel TOT registration
TOT 015Notification of cancellation of TOT registration
TOT 016Refusal to cancel TOT registration.
TOT 017Notification for rejection of TOT Registration
TOT 025Order of Assessment
TOT 025ANotice of TOT assessment
TOT 030Claim for TOT refund
TOT 051Application notifying changes in Registration
CAT 001Intimation by the Casual Trader
CAT 002Final return by a Casual Trader
APP 400Form of appeal under section 31.
APP 400ADeclaration to be attached to Form 400.
APP 401Form of appeal Memorandum to the Appellate Tribunal
APP 402Revised petition in the High Court of AP.
APP 403Memorandum of appeal against order in the High Court of AP.
APP 404Review memorandum of Civil Miscellaneous petitions in APHC.
APP 405Review memorandum of Civil Miscellaneous petitions in APHC.
APP 406Application for the stay of collection of disputed tax.
Form 501TCS certificate (Tax Collection at Source)
Form 501ATDS certificate. (Tax Deduction at Source)
Form 520Register of goods kept in cold storage
Form 521Accounts to be maintained by selling agent on behalf of agriculturalist principals/ unregistered / TOT dealers.
Form 522Accounts to be maintained by selling /buying agent on behalf of resident principal other than agriculturist principal.
Form 522 AAuthorization by a resident principal to his agent.
Form 523Accounts to be maintained by selling /buying agent on behalf of non-resident principalsl.
Form 524Register of kapas ginned and dispatches of lint and seed.
Form 525Register of stocks
Form 555Notice for production of Documents and information
Form 560Nomination of responsible person
Form 565Form of authorization for appearing before authorities.
Form 570Application for clarification and advance ruling.
Form 600Form of Way bill
Form 601Register of waybills.
Form 602Delivery note by clearing and forwarding agent
Form 603Notification of seizure of goods
Form 604Order of release of goods.
Form 605Order of confiscation of goods.
Form 606Auction notice.
Form 607Reciept of auction amount
Form 608Application for sale proceeds with reference to order of appeal or revision
Form 610Notice of detaining of goods at check post.
Form 615Declaration for obtaining a transit pass.
Form 616Transit pass.


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